Summertime sum-up

5:45 a.m. Lightning, thunder, and a heavy downpour … really? So early in the morning? But it was a gift to the landscape to have everything watered with natural rainfall. By 6:00 a.m. the sun was up and shining brightly. It’s definitely summertime in the Rockies!

As time has passed since the beginning of 2014, one-by-one some of my designs have made it to final publication stage so at this midpoint of the year I thought I would recap what’s been released so far …

January 2014:  Oceanside by Classic Elite Yarns



Photo © Classic Elite Yarns

February 2014: Sunny Day by Classic Elite Yarns





Photos © Classic Elite Yarns

March 2014: Classic Elite Web-letter, Issue 333

Cerro Tote

cerro tote 2

Photos © Classic Elite Yarns

April 2014: Craft It Now! 75+ Simple Handmade Projects

Zebra Cowl

zebra cowl 1

Sock Yarn Sash

sock yarn sash 3

Lace Napkin Ring

napkin ring 3

Pretty Little Collar

pretty little collar 2

Photos © Steven Siedentopf of Luna Root Studio

Creative Knitting, Summer issue

Little Sailor Girl


Little Sailor Boy


Photos © Annie’s

May 2014: A Day at the Beach by Classic Elite Yarns

Lindsay Tank Top


Lindsay Dress


Photos © Classic Elite Yarns

June 2014: Creative Knitting, Autumn issue

Double Triple Cowl

2175340727_12_Double Triple Cowl (1)

Photo © Annie’s

July 2014: Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar 2015

Basketweave Boot Toppers

boot toppers on C res

Bottle Beauty Bag


Crazy-Check Belt


Tricolor Twig Cowl


And up next, in August 2014: Crochet Pattern a Day Calendar 2015

Chunky Ruffled Button Cuffs


Diamond Mine Shawl




Tropicana Shawlette


Whew, looking back on the first half of this year, it was a lot of work but I’m looking forward to the second half and more to come!


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Crochet …

… Critters!

Pet Turtle Toy

Turtle 5

Amigurumi Bumblebees

Amigurumi Bumblebee closeup resized


WhaleBoy Toy on sink

Blue Bug Bookmark

blue bug book 4

Happy Crab Pet Toy

Happy Crab inside alone

… Blankets!

New Arrival Baby Set

New arrival complete set best fix

Bunny-Ear Blankie

Bunny Ear blankie pink wool kitchen A

bunny ear blankie green 4

Thinking of You Lapghan

Thinking of you lapghan on rail fix lighter

Garden Path Baby Blanket

Garden Path Baby Blanket Universal Yarn photo

© Universal Yarn/Leisure Arts

Block-Stitch Baby Blanket

Block stitch blanket pink multi fix crop

… Bags!

Fresh Air Bag

fresh air bag done 1

Provence Summer String Bag

CE Provence summer string bag

© Classic Elite Yarns, photo by Meg Myers

Kids’ Rainbow Treasure Bag

Kids Rainbow Treasure Bag A res

Go Green! Lacy Shells Bag

Go Green Lacy Shell Bag 1

Cerro Tote

cerro tote 2

© Classic Elite Yarns

… Shawls!

Cozy Comfort Prayer Shawl

Cozy comfort prayer shawl soft rose 1

Spring Snow Shawl

Spring Snow Shawl on Cec 1 crop fix

Diaphanous Shawl

diaphanous shawl back again 2

Lacy Fans Shawl

Lacy Fans Shawl back on C fix crop

Easy-Crochet Shawl

Easy crochet shawl 1 fix crop

Shortie Shell Capelet

Shortie Shell capelet blue backlit fix

Additional crochet ideas from Designs by KN can be found in the DBKN pattern database, as well as various books and magazines:

Zebra Cowl from “Craft It Now”

zebra cowl 1

© Steven Siedentopf of Luna Root Studio

#23 Mesh Cape from Vogue Knitting Crochet

mesh cape in mag 1

© Vogue Knitting Crochet 2013, photo by Paul Amato for

Four new crochet patterns are included in the upcoming 2015 Crochet Day-to-Day Calendar (release date August 12.)

Even more ideas can be seen on my Ravelry designer page:

#24 Crocheted Sun Hat from Knit Simple


© Knit Simple, photo by Rose Callahan

Ridgeline Kerchief from Classic Elite Yarns Web-letter


© Classic Elite Yarns

Nahara from Classic Elite Yarns booklet “Sunny Day”


© Classic Elite Yarns

Happy summertime crocheting!




The calendar says it’s Friday (another FO Friday) and that we’re halfway through 2014 already. Time flies! Unfortunately my FO this week is one that can’t be revealed yet, as it’s a new design for a magazine to be published next year. Have to wait until spring 2015 for that one.

Speaking of 2015, the winners of the 2015 Pattern-a-Day Calendar contest have been posted as well as the table of contents (scroll down page to see Knitting 2015 TOC, Crochet 2015 TOC.) For the past few years I have contributed designs to both calendars. One early submission, in 2009, ended up winning First Prize–Crochet:

“Crazy Lady” Hat (so named for a “crazy” character in a foreign film wearing a hat which inspired this design)

Crazy Lady Hat double strand 3

This calendar entry was followed in 2011 by a Third Prize–Knit winner:

Ridgewood Beanie

Ridgewood Beanie on C 2 resized small

Since then, I have contributed other designs and am grateful that most of them have been selected for publication. For 2015, eight were chosen. Here’s a sneak peek along with the dates they will appear (the calendars are available for pre-order now):

2015 Knitting Pattern-a-Day Calendar


Basketweave Boot Toppers (Jan. 21)

boot toppers 1 res

Bottle Beauty Bag (Dec. 21)

bottle beauty bag 1

Crazy-Check Belt (Apr. 1)

see saw belt 2

Tricolor Twig Cowl (Feb. 16)

tricolor twig cowl 6

2015 Crochet Pattern-a-Day Calendar


Chunky Ruffled Button Cuffs (Oct. 12)

Ruffled Cuff 5

Diamond Mine Shawl (Sep. 7)

diamond mine shawl 1

PentaCowl (Oct. 30)

pentacowl 1

Tropicana Shawlette (Mar. 9)

Tropicana Shawlette 2

Even though I’m looking forward to new designs in 2015 (and planning ahead for 2016 calendar submissions) there are still more to come in 2014. The most recent is Double Triple Cowl in the autumn issue of Creative Knitting Magazine (digital version available now, print version on July 8) … “fave” it on Ravelry if you’re so inclined:

Double Triple Cowl

2175340727_12_Double Triple Cowl (1)


Photos © Annie’s

In November, another design is scheduled to appear in Vest Bets: 30 Designs to Knit for Now featuring 220 Superwash Aran from Cascade Yarns:


Photo © Sixth & Spring Books

Calendar pages are turning fast — in a couple days they will turn from June to July. That means Christmas is only 6 months away! Perhaps the new designs above will inspire ideas for your holiday gift knitting and crocheting.





What is a cowl? In one sense, it could be described as a cowl-neck sweater … without the sweater part!

Cowls come in all sizes, in bulky or lighter weight yarns, in short or long lengths meant for wearing around the neck. Often knit or crocheted as one continuous circle, they can be wide or narrow, and sometimes long enough to wrap around multiple times. For the past few seasons it seems that rectangular scarf-knitting fever has morphed into circular cowl-knitting fever. As time has passed, more cowl designs have appeared due to the popularity of the style. I began to wonder if the cowl-knitting craze was following the same path as the eyelash scarf-knitting craze that came and went, and was thinking that interest in cowls was declining.

Apparently not! To my surprise, one of my design submissions was accepted and has just been released in the autumn issue of Creative Knitting Magazine (the digital edition is available now and the print edition will be available on July 8.)

If you visit the “In This Issue” page you can see all the designs in the magazine, including my Double Triple Cowl:

2175340727_12_Double Triple Cowl (1)

By clicking on the thumbnail photo there, a second view appears:

double triple cowl 1 M11211_Double_300

Photos © Annie’s

This cowl is knit in Universal Yarn Classic Shades Sequins Lite, a soft, color-changing yarn dappled with sequins throughout. It consists of three sections that incorporate doubling the number of stitches, then reducing them to the original number. It’s long and narrow enough to wear like a necklace or to wrap around several times, as shown in the photos above.

Here’s another view of the Double Triple Cowl before it was sent in for its moment of fame in the fashion photographs:

double triple cowl for CK 4

Prior to this new design, I did create a few other cowls:

Zebra Cowl in book “Craft It Now

zebra cowl 1

Photo © Steven Siedentopf of Luna Root Studio

Lazy Afternoon Cowl

lazy afternoon cowl on C 1

Lemon-Twist Cowl

Lemon-Twist Cowl 1 fix

Lacy Gaiter in book “Knit Noro


© Sixth & Spring Books/Soho Publishing, 2011, photo by Rose Callahan

If you, like me, have been through the eyelash scarf-knitting phase and then a rectangular scarf-knitting phase and are presently in a cowl-knitting phase, it’s good to know they are still in fashion. Hope you enjoy the new design in the new issue of CK!


P.S.: Just learned that two more of my cowl designs will appear in the 2015 pattern-a-day calendars, available for pre-order now:

Tricolor Twig Cowl in Knitting 2015 Day-to-Day Calendar (releasing in July)

tricolor twig cowl 5

PentaCowl in Crochet 2015 Day-to-Day Calendar (releasing in August)

pentacowl 1


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I’ve said it before: if you happen to enjoy designing for publication, be prepared for some long waits, possibly up to two years to see your glimmer of an idea eventually appear as a published design. It takes time to select designs for magazine issues and books, time to organize, photograph and tech-edit the finished projects, time to bring the whole package together into a quality publication. Over the past several months, a number of projects were commissioned and are in line for eventual publication. What I’ve been doing since their completion is waiting.

To keep myself occupied, I took a road trip through the national parks of Utah, helped DM get to and from a family reunion, finished a front yard relandscaping project, got the car serviced with new brakes, watched as our neighborhood streets were repaved, took care of pet cats, tended to outdoor wild bird feeders, watched a lot of baseball games and generally enjoyed the transition from winter to spring and now to summer. Except for the commissioned design projects, not much knitting or crocheting has been accomplished (just one sad pair of C.O.O.S., see end of previous post) but always on my mind is the anticipation of seeing new designs in print sometime later this year and into the next.

Here’s what I’m waiting for:

2015 Crochet Day-to-Day Calendar


2015 Knitting Day-to-Day Calendar


Autumn 2014 issue of Creative Knitting magazine

double triple cowl 2 M11211_Double_100

Photo © Annie’s

Vest Bets: 30 Designs to Knit for Now by Sixth & Spring Books


Photo © Sixth & Spring Books

Spring 2015 issue of Crochet! magazine

Another new title by Sixth & Spring Books

If you too are waiting for something, here are a few summer-y projects to fill in the time, as posted on the Designs by KN Facebook page:

Ridgeline Kerchief

ridgeline kerchief 2

Photo © Classic Elite Yarns

My Fave Dishcloth

My Fave Dishcloths 5

Yarn Bowl Bags

Yarn Bowl bag closed 1 Yarn Bowl bag open

Summer String Bag

summer string bag blue 2

Totally Texture Table Mat or Dishcloth/Spa Cloth

Totally Texture Spa Cloth 1

Playing the waiting game right now … but it will all be worth it in the end!



Rocky road

Just returned from a fantastic road trip through several scenic national parks and other colorful-rock areas of  Utah: Moab, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Zion National Park, Escalante Petrified Forest State Park and Capitol Reef National Park. So much design inspiration in sandstone cliffs, arches and canyons of the region, not to mention abundant wildflowers in bloom in May.

Let’s see how some of the images captured on this trip match up with some projects from the DBKN collection:

Arches National Park/C.O.O.S. (Choice of Options Socks)

IMG_0095COOS on the road w maps

Zion National Park/Thinking of You Lapghan

IMG_0432Thinking of you lapghan on rail fix lighter

Arches National Park/Cozy Comfort Shawl

IMG_0127Cozy Comfort Prayer Shawl on upstairs chair 2

Arches National Park/Diaphanous Shawl

IMG_0125diaphanous shawl back again 2

Arches National Park/Lacy Baby Hat

IMG_0130Lacy Baby Hat TLC Amore white flat

Zion National Park/Simple Crocheted Scarf (for Teens & Adults)

IMG_0442Simple Crocheted Scarf rose 3

Escalante Petrified Forest State Park/Bucket Bag (or Bucket Hat)

IMG_0485Bucket Bag

Capitol Reef National Park/Chunky Stripe Scarf

IMG_0512Chunky stripe scarf tan brown green

Arches National Park/Twisty Lace Basket Trim

IMG_0123Twisty lace basket trim 1

Canyonlands National Park/Royalty Scarves


Arches National Park/Easy-Crochet Poncho

IMG_0109poncho done 2

Zion National Park/Red-Hot Headband

IMG_0358Red Hot Headband on C fill

Arches National Park/Sunscreen Stripes Cap


Project photo © Classic Elite Yarns

Zion National Park/Easy-Crochet Shawl

IMG_0428easy crochet shawl new

Arches National Park/My Fave Dishcloth

IMG_0141My Fave Dishcloths 5

Arches National Park/Ridgeline Kerchief

IMG_0085ridgeline kerchief 1

Project photo © Classic Elite Yarns

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Such a wondrous landscape not to be missed. We highly recommend the trip (especially in May, before it gets too hot.) Some of our fave adventures (arranged by reservation through the Moab Adventure Center and Canyonlands by Night & Day) were the sunset bus tour of Arches National Park and the jetboat tour on the Colorado River. They were both awesome!


And what was my travel project for all those miles on the road? I managed to complete one lonely, sad anklet in leftover sock yarn!


lone sock 1


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Spring snow

It’s May. It’s spring. In the Colorado Rockies, that means a snowstorm. Here are views of the garden on Saturday, before a Mother’s Day storm dumped at least 7″ of snow in our yard:

candytuft may 10 2014creeping phlox may 10 2014groundcover 2 in may

Here are some views after:

snow 5snow 4snow 6

The hummingbirds arrived on May 1. They should have waited to return until May 31.

hummer 1

One good thing about the snowstorm was an unexpected visitor … a bright orange Bullock’s oriole. We wondered why it was so interested in the hummingbird feeder. After reading about their behavior, we learned that their diet includes insects, berries and nectar so that explains why this one was trying to drink from the feeder:

oriole 4snow 1

Such a beautiful bird …

oriole 2oriole 5

Despite the snow, wind and bitter cold overnight, the juice in the feeder didn’t freeze so the hummers were back at it as soon as the snow was cleared away:

snow 8hummer 3

The spring snow and cold set me looking through my Ravelry designer page for an appropriate knit or crochet project. Found the most appropriate of all … the Spring Snow Shawl! Not only is it fun and quick to crochet, it’s perfect wrap up in on a chilly day. The cat thinks so too!

Spring Snow Shawl

Spring Snow Shawl w Andrew 2Spring Snow Shawl on Cec 1 crop fixSpring Snow Shawl on K 2 cropspring snow chenille 5

P.S. Not to be outdone by the orange bird, this little yellow goldfinch showed up just as the snowstorm was ending!

goldfinch 3goldfinch 5

P.P.S. In between bird-watching, I managed to work my way through some stash, combining leftover bulky/chunky/fuzzy/novelty yarns into hats for a charitable cause in these variations on the Cat & the Hat Beanie pattern, using size K/10.5 (6.5 mm) hook:

hats 3hats 2hats 4hats 1


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Hot & cold

The first severe weather front of the season passed through Colorado yesterday, producing intense lightning, thunder, hail, rain, wind, tornadoes and snow … all in one day. Typical for the state, but always a surprise to go from 80+ degree temps to the mid-30s overnight. We woke up to snow in the yard and a glorious view of the snow-laden Front Range mountains:

snow in may 3

As temperatures swung hot and cold this week, so did the projects featured on the Designs by KN Facebook page. Early in the week I posted about Classic Elite Yarns‘ new pattern booklet “A Day at the Beach” which includes two of my summer-wear designs:


Lindsay Dress


Lindsay Tank Top


Photos © Classic Elite Yarns

I also featured some headband and kerchief patterns for heat-wave days ahead:

Red-Hot Headband

Red Hot Headband C cropped resize

Cross-Stitch Headband

Cross Stitch Headband top view resized

Ridgeline Kerchief

ridgeline kerchief 2 ridgeline kerchief 5

Photos © Classic Elite Yarns

C’s Kerchief


Since a beach theme was the focus before the snowstorm arrived, some beach bag ideas were shared:

Provence Summer String Bag

CE Provence summer string bag

Photo © Classic Elite Yarns

Two more bags designed for Classic Elite Yarns had their moment in the spotlight:

Cerro Tote appeared in an advertisement in the new issue of Vogue Knitting Crochet 2014

cerro tote ad in VK crochet 2014

Fresh Air Bag appeared in this week’s CEY blog post about Mother’s Day gift ideas:

fresh air bag 2

Photos © Classic Elite Yarns

Later in the week, as temperatures began to cool ahead of the impending weather front, another of my designs appeared in a new pattern booklet from Classic Elite Yarns:  “The Best of Liberty Wool (so far…)


hexagon sweater9245-1_medium2

Photo © Classic Elite Yarns

Since this morning found me filling bird feeders in the yard while stepping carefully on a crust of ice and snow, hand warmers seemed an appropriate subject to feature today:

Ice Chip Mitts

Ice Chip Mitts  Ice Chip Mitts pink at door

During oddments of time this week I was able to complete small projects, versions of three of my four designs in the new book “Craft It Now“:


Zebra Cowl


Sock Yarn Sash

sash 4

Pretty Little Collar

collar cream 1

I wonder what weather fun today will bring? Hot or cold, there are plenty of appropriate knit and crochet project ideas (almost 300) to choose from in the Designs by KN pattern collection. Stay cool, stay warm … stay crafty!



Beach day

Never mind that it’s 40 degrees outside, the wind is blowing at 50 mph and I had to put on a wool hat and gloves while standing outside to fill the car at the gas station this morning. It’s beach day in the pattern world.

Classic Elite Yarns‘ new booklet for May, A Day at the Beach, includes two of my designs in Seedling and Seedling Handpaint. Once again, I’m grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the CEY pattern collection. The photos of the garments are adorable:

Lindsay Tank Top and Lindsay Dress


Photo © Classic Elite Yarns

Even though it’s freezing in the Rocky Mountain west and snowing in the mountains at this moment, hope springs eternal and I’m looking forward to beach days ahead on visits to coastal areas later this year.

Here are the new designs individually. As mentioned in the pattern page notes, both garments have a keyhole opening at the neckline which can be worn either in front or back:

Lindsay Tank Top

CEY-DayAtTheBeach-6807_medium2 CEY-DayAtTheBeach-6809_medium2

Lindsay Dress

CEY-DayAtTheBeach-6818_medium2 CEY-DayAtTheBeach-6831_medium2

Photos © Classic Elite Yarns

Seedling is a soft organic cotton yarn in a huge range of solid and handpaint colors that is perfect for wearing on hot days. Although it’s hard to believe, the local weather forecast shows that below-freezing temperatures tonight will be followed by a gradual warming trend culminating in 82 degrees on the weekend. That sounds just perfect for A Day at the Beach!


Photo © Classic Elite Yarns

P.S. Check out the CEY blog about this pattern booklet.


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Craft: Then and Now

I’ve always been a crafter, then and now. Materials of choice have changed but not the need to create. Way back when early childhood days were spent crafting with crayons, coloring books, paint boxes and paper; teenage days were spent crafting with fabric while sewing my own clothing; early married days were spent crafting with thread and wool during the cross-stitch and needlepoint craze; and now my days are spent crafting with yarn in knit and crochet projects.

Craft It Now: 75+ Simple Handmade Projects, edited by Shannon E. Miller is a new book celebrating the love of craft. It features a variety of easy, quick-to-make projects across the creativity spectrum: projects in fabric, thread, paper and yarn. The creative ideas are shown in bright, cheerful photographs (by Steven Siedentopf of Luna Root Studio) that inspire one to get started right away:


I was fortunate to have four designs selected for publication in this book, two knit and two crochet. Contributor copies arrived yesterday so now I can share them:

Sock Yarn Sash (knit)

sock yarn sash 3

Lace Napkin Ring (knit)

napkin ring 1

Zebra Cowl (crochet)

zebra cowl 1

Pretty Little Collar (crochet)

pretty little collar 4

Here’s another view of the collar shown the other way around:

Pretty Little Collar flat Pretty Little Collar

We recently acquired a NOOK reader. Searching on the words “knit”, “knitting”, “crochet” produced a number of results for titles provided by the Internet Archive, historical titles from way way back (1916 and beyond!) The fascinating craft projects of old look strange to us now but there is so much inspiration to be discovered in those patterns. While enjoying a walk through craft history on a modern device such as the NOOK, I’ll be dreaming of other projects I can craft now.

Enjoy the new book and the fun projects inside!


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