When I saw notices that “I Love Yarn Day” would be celebrated on October 10, 2014, it occurred to me that I have another reason to celebrate in 2014.

Designs by KN is celebrating ten years of knit and crochet pattern design! Yes, it’s the tenth anniversary (2004-2014) of one designer’s journey, resulting in over 300 patterns created for the enjoyment of knitters and crocheters everywhere. I can’t quite believe it but am oh-so-grateful for the people and opportunities that have made it all possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who helped make this dream come true.

Some “firsts” from the past ten years have been posted on the Designs by KN Facebook page so I’ll share them here as well:

2004 – First published pattern: Patriotic Mini-Sock Pin in Joan Hamer’s Pine Meadow Knitting News

Patriotic Mini Sock pin with quarter

2007 – First cover: #13 Tasseled Earflap Hat in Knit Simple

Knit Simple Cover Fall 2007 resized fix

© Knit Simple/Soho Publishing

2009 – First Place, Crochet: “Crazy Lady” Hat in Pattern-a-Day Calendar

Crazy Lady Hat double strand 3

2009 – First pattern for a yarn company: Montera Cob Toque in Classic Elite Yarns Web-letter

Cob Toque CEY 107

© Classic Elite Yarns

2010 – First pattern with over 2300 faves on Ravelry: Provence Summer String Bag in Classic Elite Yarns Web-letter

CE Provence summer string bag

© Classic Elite Yarns

2011 – First pattern published in a book: Lacy Gaiter in “Knit Noro


© Soho Publishing

2014 – First pattern to appear on both a cover & on the runway in a TNNA fashion show: Abelona in Classic Elite Yarns booklet “Sunny Day


© Classic Elite Yarns

It’s been an amazing ten years of design surprises and I hope to continue sharing new ideas over the next ten! For starters, here are some that are in line to be released:

A vest design (Gallant Bloom) in book Vest Bets: 30 Designs to Knit for Now (release date Nov. 4)


© Sixth & Spring Books/Cascade Yarns

Back view:

long line lace vest back

An accessory design in 50 Garter Stitch Gifts to Knit (release date May 2015)

Layout 1

© Sixth & Spring Books

A garment and an accessory design in Crochet! Magazine  (spring & summer 2015 issues)

An accessory design in Creative Knitting Magazine  (summer 2015 issue)

A garment design in Classic Elite Yarns October 2015 pattern booklet

I hope you enjoy them as much as I loved creating them. Thank you again for ten years of interest in DBKN patterns!



Stack up the hats!

As mentioned in a previous post, some friends and I donate hats to the annual Snug Hugs for Kids/Crochet & Knit-a-Thon winter clothing drive for Children’s Home + Aid in Chicago, sponsored by Merlin 200,000 Miles Shops.

snug hugs 2014 1

Never mind that we are in a different state altogether, far away from Chicago, Illinois. This is one of the charitable causes we have enjoyed contributing to for the past several years. They make it easy to participate from afar, and once you fill out the registration form they provide tags for your items which you can attach before sending them in to the clothing drive.

snug hugs 2014 2

This morning I began stacking and tagging the hats I made this year. They will be combined with contributions from friends for shipment in early November.

snug hugs 2014 5

The stacks shown include the following DBKN patterns:

Knit Hat (for anyone!)

Crochet Hat

Cat and the Hat Beanie

Better Late Than Never Beanie

Double-Double Crochet Hat

Rib-Look Newborn Baby Cap

Pinky’s Wings Beanie

Chunky Cap

snug hugs 2014 3

Snug Hugs for Kids is a great cause that will welcome your donations … no matter where you live (of course, if you live nearby you can participate in the Crochet & Knit-a-Thon in person.)

snug hugs for kids tag

Thank you!



Autumn, apples, and other things

Have been enjoying the fresh crops of apple varieties appearing in the supermarket. We don’t have an apple tree of our own and are far from one of our fave autumn apple-buying destinations (Oak Glen in California) but the changing of the seasons brings with it the urge to eat apples, not to mention other healthy fruits. With that in mind, I took a peek through the Designs by KN projects and discovered several photographed with yummy fruit. Here’s what I found:

Provence Summer String Bag … with apples

summer string bag blue 5 summer string bag blue 2

Go Green! Lacy Shells Bag … with bananas, cherries, oranges, and apples

Rayon of sunshine bag 4 rayon of sunshine bag 6

Kind’a Crazy, Kind’a Cute Candle or Silverware Cuff … with nectarines


Touch o’ Ruffle Table Mat or Dishcloth … with oranges

Touch o ruffle dishcloths 2 tog

Since the weather is changing to cooler days, what better accompaniment for fresh fruit than a hot cup of tea? Here are some teacup photos with related projects:

Ruffly Coasters

Ruffly coasters red w tea ruffly coasters 3 A Ruffly_coasters_blue_green_1_medium

Old World Motif Table Mats

Old World Motif mats 2 IMG_1688_medium2

Totally Texture Table Mat

Totally Texture Table Mat 1

Ice Chip Mitts

Ice Chip Mitts with cup

Touch o’Ruffle Table Mat

touch o ruffle dishcloth white w teacup

With hot tea, one must have scones, of course!

Peachy Keen Placemat

Peachy keen placemat kitchen

Hope you enjoy making some of these knit/crochet project ideas. There are many others on my Ravelry designer page and coming in future issues of books and magazines, such as:

Vest Bets: 30 Designs to Knit for Now  (release date Nov. 4)

50 Garter Stitch Gifts to Knit   (release date May 2015)

Crochet! Magazine  (spring & summer 2015 issues)

Creative Knitting Magazine  (summer 2015 issue)

Writing this post is making me hungry, so I’ll sign off for now and go slice up an apple and fix a cup of tea. Enjoy the fall season!

P.S. Not to be outdone, the cat decided to squeeze herself into a photo also:

Jasmine … with nectarines

Jasmine in backpack after Rockies game res



Cats & Hats

Changing leaves, cooler temps, rainy days … all harbingers of the fall season which officially arrives this week. Fall is the time to think about hats. At our house we also have cats.  I’m not one for dressing up my cats in outfits but once in awhile they are just so photogenic and handy that in the past I’ve captured a few photos of them modeling. So here are some hats … with cats:

Bill in Knit Hat (for anyone!)


Andrew and the Cat & the Hat Beanie

Cat and the Hat beanie fix

Andrew with Colby’s Cap

Colby's cap gold band with Andrew

Andrew and the Blue Cloud Baby Hat

Baby Blue cloud hat & Andrew fix

As the seasons change and the weather gets cooler, you might be itching to knit or crochet some quick accessories for fall. Here are some ideas:

Knit Hat (for anyone!)

Knit Hat for anyone in fall 1 crp Knit Hat for anyone tan stripe on K 1 A res

Ridgewood Beanie

Ridgewood Beanie orange on K outside 1

Dissolving Lattice Hat

Dissolving Lattice Hat outside 1

Recedere Hat

Cabled Arrows Hat back outside

Diamond-Edge Hat

diamond edge hat ora on K 3 fix

#13 Tasseled Earflap Hat

Tasseled Earflap Hat for KS 2

Double-Double Crochet Hat

Double Double Crochet hat brown beige on K

Chenille Glam Roll-Brim Hat

Chenille Glam roll Brim Hat on K 1

V-Stitch & Shell Cap

V Stitch Beanie green

Better Late Than Never Beanie

better late than never brown orange stripe

“Crazy Lady” Hat

Crazy Lady Hat double strand 3

You can check out many more knit/crochet project ideas on my Ravelry designer page, the DBKN Facebook page or the DBKN website.

Happy fall knitting & crocheting … from DBKN and the cats (Andrew, Bill & Jasmine)!

Andrew getting sleepy resized bill 1 Jasmine on Feb 23 2012 res 2



Return to fall

Been gone awhile, on travel and working on this and that. Just returned from a second trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida where the Magic Kingdom was decorated for fall. What you can’t see in the photos was how hot, hot, hot and humid it was, with monsoon rainstorms every afternoon. Despite miles of walking in hot weather, weird heat rashes on lower legs, and swollen ankles/feet, it was a good time spent with family visiting all the theme parks again: Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and of course the Magic Kingdom … several times.


While on this trip, there was absolutely no way I was going to do any knitting or crocheting, not only because there was no time but also because of the heat. All we wanted to do was get inside “cool” rides, restaurants and gift shops as soon as possible to get a little relief before venturing out to the next attraction. We felt exceedingly sorry for the Disney cast members and characters in costume enduring the high temperatures and humidity (how do they do it?) but everyone remained courteous, friendly, upbeat and welcoming throughout our stay.

Now that we’re back home in cooler/drier Colorado and have caught up on sleep, bit by bit we are returning to a normal routine. I for one have to pick up where I left off, as some new design commissions with deadlines await completion. Since the leaves are already changing here, the urge to knit and crochet is also returning. I’m excited about the new designs I am creating (they won’t be published until fall 2015) but one design completed some time ago will be appearing soon in the new book “Vest Bets: 30 Designs to Knit for Now” releasing on Nov. 4.


Photo © Sixth & Spring Books

Until then, though, here are some fall-themed free pattern ideas from DBKN. Enjoy the season!


coos prr orange sassy stripe done

 Blue Bug Bookmark

blue bug bookmarks 3 A

Better Late Than Never Beanie

Vanna's choice striped hat multi

K’s Care Square

K's care square halloween 2

Cat & the Hat Beanie

Cat and Hat Beanie orange flat

Diamond-Edge Hat

diamond edge hat ora on K 3 fix

Cozy Comfort Shawl

Cozy Comfort Prayer shawl persimmon chair 2

Knit Hat (for anyone!)

Knit hat for anyone orange w blue stripes flat

Cottonfish Bib

Cottonfish Bib flat B 1

Butterscotch Basket

Butterscotch Basket 4

Rippling Waves Baby Blanket

orange yellow rippling wave blanket

Acorn Bobble Hat

Acorn Hat back indoors

Stash Bustin’ Tote

Stash Bustin' Tote 1 brt

Double-Double Crochet Hat

Double Double Crochet hat brown beige on K

P.S.  Fall is also time for the Snug Hugs for Kids Crochet & Knit-a-Thon campaign which I and some friends have donated to for the past few years. All year long we create hats and scarves for the clothing drive, then I collect and ship them in November. It’s a worthy cause that we enjoy contributing to. If you’re interested, there is still time to participate so read more about it here.

snug hugs for kids tagSnug Hugs for kids donations 2010 1snug hugs 20132011 Snug Hugs for Kids donations 2 brtSnug Hugs for Kids 2010 more hats



Nothing to say

I have nothing to say, since I haven’t accomplished much in the way of knit/crochet projects this week. However, good news was received: another design acceptance. The project is scheduled for publication in summer 2015 so I’ll have more to say about it then.

Whenever there is “down time” from other priorities, I generally turn to working on charitable donation projects. Stacks of hats are growing, destined for this year’s Snug Hugs for Kids clothing drive.

Hat stack crochet hats for charity stack hats 1

(stacks include Knit Hat (for anyone!)Crochet Hat, Double-Double Crochet Hat, Recedere Hat)

There may also be a few pairs of C.O.O.S. (Choice of Options Socks) and some loom-knit or Bias Scarves completed by the time the Snug Hugs for Kids donation collection rolls around in October/November:

socks 1  socks done north pole socks 4  Heart Sole socks

scarf done 2 bias scarf done 2 bias scarf 4

Recently I posted on the Designs by KN Facebook page about Warm Up America! patchwork blocks that can be knitted or crocheted for assembly into blankets for those in need.  Using some of the yarn from the latest Goodwill haul (see previous post), I made some blocks with the intention of sending a stack into WUA. Sidetracked by other events, I was only able to produce four blocks. Since they came out a little wonky, I put them together into a pet pad for the Snuggles project instead:

pet pad 2

I have nothing to say other than I’m waiting, waiting for results from design submissions. Some completed projects are in line for publication and some have already been released. The most recent are the Double Triple Cowl in the current issue of Creative Knitting ….

2175340727_12_Double Triple Cowl (1)


Photos © Annie’s

… and eight DBKN designs in the 2015 Pattern-a-Day calendars:

Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar 2015

knitting calendar 2015

Crochet Pattern a Day Calendar 2015

crochet calendar 2015

Scheduled for November release is a new DBKN design in the book “Vest Bets: 30 Designs to Knit for Now“:


© Sixth & Spring Books

And that’s all I have to say!


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On a recent two-day getaway to ride the Royal Gorge Route Railroad, we did quite a lot of walking, first along the Arkansas River riverwalk while waiting for the train to pick up passengers for the lunch tour, then later on up and down the streets of Breckenridge where we lodged overnight in a hotel, then the next day a walk around the lake at Keystone Village. Last March, we took our first-ever trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida where we found ourselves walking, walking, walking, at least 10 miles a day. Guess what? We have a second trip to WDW planned and we know we will be walking, walking, walking again. Yesterday I ordered two new pairs of walking shoes in preparation.

The subject of walking set me off on a walk down memory lane through some of the earlier Designs by KN patterns. This week on the DBKN Facebook page I posted a selection of four combo patterns that involve both crochet and knitting in one project, either in the body of the pattern or as a trim. Here they are:

Shortie Combo Cap (crown crocheted, side ribbing knitted)

Shortie Combo Cap top view on C resShortie Combo Cap back view on C res

Drop of Color Shawl (body knitted, edging crocheted)

drop of color shawl 1 Drop of Color Shawl on K arm

Seeded Rib Eyeglass Case (body knitted, edging crocheted)

Seeded Rib Eyeglass Case 5seeded rib eyeglass case 1

Frilled Party Shawl (body knitted, edging crocheted)

frilled party shawl orig Frilled Party Shawl on C crop

Here are some views from our walking tours of the Royal Gorge Route Railroad out of Canon City Station along the Arkansas River, the town of Breckenridge and the lake at Keystone Village:

Royal Gorge Route Railroad out of Canon City, CO

royal 9royal 10royal 1royal 2

Breckenridge, CO

breck 12breck 5breck 6breck 8

Keystone Village, CO

breck 22breck 18breck 23breck 26

The walking continues now that the getaway trip is over … we need to get in shape for the mega-exercise ahead on our next visit to Walt Disney World!

epcot flower 3epcot11day 2 pm 7last day magic kingdom 11day 2 pm 14wdw day 2 26brown 8animal 1day 2 pm 17last day magic kingdom 22

Knit and crochet projects will be packed for the trip, although it’s doubtful if there will be time to work on them. Still … have knitting and crocheting, will travel! Check out the possibilities on my Ravelry designer page.

Summer String Bag on a road trip

Summer string bag on the road 3Summer string bag on the road 2




Whenever I have a day that involves running errands, I always plan my travel around in a circle. Often my circuitous route means a stop at the bank, P.O., grocery store, gas station, etc. Same is true whenever there’s a visit to DM that generally involves a round-trip to help her run errands. The other day I arranged a visit, planning a route that would take us around from her place to lunch out and wherever else she needed to go. Just by chance we ended up at a local Goodwill store, one of her favorite places to stop to see what discoveries might be found. On this particular trip she was looking at furnishings, so I took the opportunity to scour the shelves on a quest for (what else) … yarn!

It was my lucky day as I found several bags of assorted yarns that eventually will be put to good use in charitable donation projects or to create prototypes of new designs. In one of the bags was a ball of Cascade Yarns ‘Pinwheel’. A few days later when I was in the mood to start a new project it was the first ball I grabbed from the Goodwill haul. It worked out great for this version of the Double Triple Cowl I designed for Creative Knitting magazine (Autumn issue). Here is the finished “Pinwheel Cowl”:

pinwheel cowl 8pinwheel cowl 4

Those who know me know that I will knit or crochet with anything — doesn’t matter if it’s vintage acrylic or luxe alpaca, a bargain yarn or a beautiful new yarn-company offering chosen to match a design submission. I’m always happy to discover odd assortments of yarn in unexpected places, such as this conglomeration from Goodwill (Patons ‘Classic Wool’, Lion Brand Yarn ‘Wool-Ease Thick & Quick’ and ‘Jiffy Thick & Quick’, Caron ‘Simply Soft’, Red Heart ‘Fiesta’ and ‘Super Saver’, Hobby Lobby ‘I Love This Yarn’ … the hodgepodge will inspire future projects from DBKN:

goodwill haul

Back to the trip around town with DM … DD was able to join us at our chosen lunch spot, which was near a local Michaels store. DD needed to stop in so we followed her there. She headed for the picture-frame aisle, DM went to the flower aisle, and of course you know what aisle I made a beeline for!  In the yarn section I discovered something unbelievable: a fingering weight yarn that I hadn’t seen before, Loops & Threads ‘Woolike’. What shocked me was the yardage in the ball: 678 yards, in one ball!  I chose three lovely fall colors, with a vague idea of a design in mind:


Within a few days I had created a new design submission using a portion of the burgundy ball (see how much is still left?)  The only weird thing about this yarn is that it’s static-clingy and attracts cat hair like a magnet, but I was able to successfully crochet a sample of my idea. Now comes the wait to see if it will be accepted at some point.

On the impromptu visit day with DM and DD, we finished our rounds and returned home. I spent the weekend knitting around on the Double Triple Cowl:

pinwheel cowl 1

Now that it’s complete I think the next project will use the Lion Brand Yarns Wool-Ease Thick & Quick (the total opposite of the fingering yarn shown above!)  It should be just right for a version of  the Tricolor Twig Cowl that appears in the new Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar 2015:


tricolor twig cowl 6

Round and round the seasons go too (monsoon season has just arrived in Colorado) but soon it will be November. I’m looking forward to the release of the next title that includes one of my designs.

Vest Bets: 30 Designs to Knit for Now
(release date Nov. 4, but a “Look Inside” preview is available on Amazon):


© Sixth & Spring Books

Guess it’s time to go round up some yarn from stash to work with during the heavy-rain days predicted this week. Yesterday’s arrival of monsoon season was preceded by two tornadoes, spinning round and round northeast of here. Let’s hope today is a little less exciting in the weather department!

ETA: Finished two versions of the Tricolor Twig Cowl in one evening (quick to knit in super-bulky yarn on size 15 needles)

Solid color version in Lion Brand Yarn Wool-Ease Thick & Quick

gold twig cowl 1

Multicolor version in Lion Brand Yarn Jiffy Thick & Quick (omitted the lace pattern as it wouldn’t show in this wild colorway)

wild red cowl 1



Summertime sum-up

5:45 a.m. Lightning, thunder, and a heavy downpour … really? So early in the morning? But it was a gift to the landscape to have everything watered with natural rainfall. By 6:00 a.m. the sun was up and shining brightly. It’s definitely summertime in the Rockies!

As time has passed since the beginning of 2014, one-by-one some of my designs have made it to final publication stage so at this midpoint of the year I thought I would recap what’s been released so far …

January 2014:  Oceanside by Classic Elite Yarns



Photo © Classic Elite Yarns

February 2014: Sunny Day by Classic Elite Yarns





Photos © Classic Elite Yarns

March 2014: Classic Elite Web-letter, Issue 333

Cerro Tote

cerro tote 2

Photos © Classic Elite Yarns

April 2014: Craft It Now! 75+ Simple Handmade Projects

Zebra Cowl

zebra cowl 1

Sock Yarn Sash

sock yarn sash 3

Lace Napkin Ring

napkin ring 3

Pretty Little Collar

pretty little collar 2

Photos © Steven Siedentopf of Luna Root Studio

Creative Knitting, Summer issue

Little Sailor Girl


Little Sailor Boy


Photos © Annie’s

May 2014: A Day at the Beach by Classic Elite Yarns

Lindsay Tank Top


Lindsay Dress


Photos © Classic Elite Yarns

June 2014: Creative Knitting, Autumn issue

Double Triple Cowl

2175340727_12_Double Triple Cowl (1)

Photo © Annie’s

July 2014: Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar 2015

Basketweave Boot Toppers

boot toppers on C res

Bottle Beauty Bag


Crazy-Check Belt


Tricolor Twig Cowl


And up next, in August 2014: Crochet Pattern a Day Calendar 2015

Chunky Ruffled Button Cuffs


Diamond Mine Shawl




Tropicana Shawlette


Whew, looking back on the first half of this year, it was a lot of work but I’m looking forward to the second half and more to come!


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Crochet …

… Critters!

Pet Turtle Toy

Turtle 5

Amigurumi Bumblebees

Amigurumi Bumblebee closeup resized


WhaleBoy Toy on sink

Blue Bug Bookmark

blue bug book 4

Happy Crab Pet Toy

Happy Crab inside alone

… Blankets!

New Arrival Baby Set

New arrival complete set best fix

Bunny-Ear Blankie

Bunny Ear blankie pink wool kitchen A

bunny ear blankie green 4

Thinking of You Lapghan

Thinking of you lapghan on rail fix lighter

Garden Path Baby Blanket

Garden Path Baby Blanket Universal Yarn photo

© Universal Yarn/Leisure Arts

Block-Stitch Baby Blanket

Block stitch blanket pink multi fix crop

… Bags!

Fresh Air Bag

fresh air bag done 1

Provence Summer String Bag

CE Provence summer string bag

© Classic Elite Yarns, photo by Meg Myers

Kids’ Rainbow Treasure Bag

Kids Rainbow Treasure Bag A res

Go Green! Lacy Shells Bag

Go Green Lacy Shell Bag 1

Cerro Tote

cerro tote 2

© Classic Elite Yarns

… Shawls!

Cozy Comfort Prayer Shawl

Cozy comfort prayer shawl soft rose 1

Spring Snow Shawl

Spring Snow Shawl on Cec 1 crop fix

Diaphanous Shawl

diaphanous shawl back again 2

Lacy Fans Shawl

Lacy Fans Shawl back on C fix crop

Easy-Crochet Shawl

Easy crochet shawl 1 fix crop

Shortie Shell Capelet

Shortie Shell capelet blue backlit fix

Additional crochet ideas from Designs by KN can be found in the DBKN pattern database, as well as various books and magazines:

Zebra Cowl from “Craft It Now”

zebra cowl 1

© Steven Siedentopf of Luna Root Studio

#23 Mesh Cape from Vogue Knitting Crochet

mesh cape in mag 1

© Vogue Knitting Crochet 2013, photo by Paul Amato for LVARepresents.com

Four new crochet patterns are included in the upcoming 2015 Crochet Day-to-Day Calendar (release date August 12.)

Even more ideas can be seen on my Ravelry designer page:

#24 Crocheted Sun Hat from Knit Simple


© Knit Simple, photo by Rose Callahan

Ridgeline Kerchief from Classic Elite Yarns Web-letter


© Classic Elite Yarns

Nahara from Classic Elite Yarns booklet “Sunny Day”


© Classic Elite Yarns

Happy summertime crocheting!


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