Recently we made our first visit to Walt Disney World. Yesterday we learned that we get to return for a second trip later this year, so what started out as a once-in-a-lifetime 40th-wedding-anniversary celebration will be repeated. We are looking forward to a rerun of one of our most memorable vacations.

Today I discovered some Facebook posts about one of my designs which gave me a chance to relive how much fun I had creating it. WEBS posted about a Classic Elite Yarns trunk show currently on display in their store, featuring garments from the pattern booklet 1402 Sunny Day:

“Stop in to WEBS for the Classic Elite Yarns Sunny Day trunk show,  now through May 5th. (4 photos)

Previous posts about this design have appeared here in the DBKN blog, but now is a good time to rerun it:



Photos © Classic Elite Yarns

Later in the day I came across a different Facebook post from The National Needlearts Association with a link to a video of the TNNA Yarn Group Fashion Show Spring/Summer 2014 held at the January trade show in San Diego. I clicked on “play” and was enjoying the parade of beautiful knitted garments when all of a sudden Abelona appeared on the runway! (at minute 3:33)  Was I ever surprised. Naturally I had to rerun the video to watch the gorgeous model walking the runway while showing off my humble design. What a happy discovery. I’m grateful that it was recorded to be enjoyed over and over again.

Speaking of reruns, today I decided to make another version of one of my CEY Web-letter designs:

Cerro Tote

cerro tote 2

For this rerun version I crocheted with a double-strand of size 10 bedspread weight cotton from stash:

top down tote white done

Here are two versions made previously:

In CEY Cerro

top down tote 1

In double-strand thin rayon cone yarn


The next TNNA trade show will be held in Indianapolis at the beginning of May. Classic Elite Yarns will be displaying new offerings so I’m hoping to see more of my designs publicly revealed at that time.

Another publication to look forward to is Craft It Now  which includes four of my designs. This book has been mentioned previously but since today’s post is about reruns, here it is again:

Craft It Now


Stay tuned for new pattern ideas coming soon. Some of them might prove popular enough to become future reruns!




Years ago I was hired in the technical services department of the local library district. One of my first tasks was to learn how to run and apply spine labels, those little white stickers you see at the bottom of book spines on shelves at the library. The labels contain information (letters, numbers, etc.) that give the item a “shelf address” so it can be filed and retrieved easily by locating the individual call number. Now retired after 20 years of library work, I spend more time working with yarn rather than books. That led to noticing a different kind of labeling: yarn labels.

label 2

For some crazy reason, this week’s interest has turned to treasure-hunting through stash to look for yarn labels that have free patterns printed on them. After completing my last crochet project (a version of Diaphanous Shawl using a partial ball of Lion Brand Yarn “Pound of Love”) …

shawl done 1

… I noticed that the yarn label included a free pattern for Jonah’s Baby Throw, AKA Purely Square Baby Throw:

label pound of love

Even though I have been designing my own patterns for publication in magazines, books and yarn company leaflets since 2004 (see Ravelry designer page), just for a lark I decided to try someone else’s pattern. In this case the free pattern on the label was for a simple one-big-granny-square blanket, the kind of thing I’ve been making for charitable donations since first learning to crochet in the ’70s. Even though it was a surprise to see such a basic design featured in a pattern on a yarn label, crocheting the blanket was a delightful diversion from having to think too hard!

blanket done 1

After completing that project, I decided to explore other yarn labels in stash to discover if there were free patterns printed on them. Sure enough, they are plentiful:

label 4 label 1 label 6

Free patterns on yarn labels are nothing new. While browsing through a stack of old pattern booklets passed on to me from a friend’s mother, I came across an “ancient” sepia-toned DMC crochet thread label that featured free patterns for edgings on the reverse side. Unfortunately the vintage label is nowhere to be found at the moment, but a more modern version on this skein of DMC Baroque crochet cotton still shows “edging instructions on inside of label”:

label 5

After discovering some odd balls of Lion Brand Yarn “Microspun” in stash, the second yarn label free pattern I tried was Very Easy Ripple Shawl:

microspun ripple shawl 1

Again, it was a delight to work on a simple pattern that took no thought. I had to re-do this particular project because the first attempt (following directions to start with chain 91) resulted in a 24″ square because of the limited yarn quantity on hand. I decided to retry starting with a shorter chain (chain 52) in order to narrow the shawl and allow it to grow more in length. The result was quite satisfactory: a randomly-striped ripple accessory that took every inch of the one ball of beige, one ball of blue and the partial ball of white available. It measures approximately 13″ wide by 50″ long when stretched.

shawl micro done 6

shawl micro done 5

I think I’ll continue the fun this week by digging through stash to locate more yarn labels with free patterns. Not only is it a pleasant diversion while waiting for new DBKN designs to be published but it’s also a good stash buster. Check out labels you have on hand or next time you go yarn shopping and see what discoveries can be made!

Oh, almost forgot … this shawl was made many years ago from a free pattern on the label of a ball of Lion Brand Yarn “Imagine”:

Triangle Crochet Shawl #649

Lion Brand Imagine Shawl on label

Sometimes the best things in life are free patterns on yarn labels!


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After a brief detour into the world of knit-looming (see previous post), plus a few hours spent finishing up some old cross-stitch and needlepoint kits, I cautiously re-entered my fave world of crochet. While sitting on the couch watching baseball on TV, there just happened to be an assortment of yarn scraps, one huge ball of Lion Brand Yarn “Pound of Love” and one size K/10.5 mm crochet hook nearby. Seeing those materials close at hand brought on the urge to try crocheting again.

The first pattern that popped into my head was the ever-popular Diaphanous Shawl designed for the Classic Elite Yarns Web-letter (Issue  252):

shawl cover 2

shawl 252-home diaphanous

Photos © Classic Elite Yarns

Proceeding with caution to see how it felt to crochet again after a layoff of two weeks, I started the shawl. As the evening progressed, work continued between frequent breaks to stretch arms/shoulders/fingers.  Today I have a newly-completed shawl. Hooray, I can crochet again!

shawl done 4

shawl 2

With the leftover yarn from the giant Lion Brand Yarn “Pound of Love” ball, just for fun I decided to crochet the pattern found on the yarn label. I was surprised to see this classic one-big-granny-square pattern on the label, as 40 years ago I made many of these to donate to charity. Good thing it’s still popular and available for a new generation of crocheters. A great beginner project too. (The pattern title on the yarn label is “Jonah’s Baby Throw” but on the Lion Brand Yarn website it is the “Purely Square Baby Throw.” Same thing.)

blanket done 1

If you’re into shawl-ing, here are some other ideas from the DBKN collection. Hope you enjoy trying one or more of them!

Lacy Fans Shawl (crochet)

Lacy Fans Shawl back on C fix crop

Easy-Knit Shawl

Easy Knit Shawl blue multi

Spring Snow Shawl (crochet)

Spring Snow Shawl on Cec 1 crop fix

Cozy Comfort Prayer Shawl (crochet)

Cozy Comfort prayer shawl for S on chair

Frilled Party Shawl (knit)

frilled party shawl orig

Night Out Shawl (knit) from Creative Knitting Magazine

Night out shawl CK front view

Photo © Annie’s

#7 Lace Panel Shawl (knit) from Noro Knitting Magazine, Spring 2013


Photo © Noro Knitting Magazine/SoHo Publishing, photo by Paul Amato for

Drop of Color Shawl (knit)

drop of color shawl 1

Easy-Crochet Shawl

Easy crochet shawl 1 fix crop

Cross-Country Shawl (crochet)

Cross Country Shawl back view K fix

Dream Shawl (knit)

Dream Shawl crop on C 3 fix

“I Just Want to Knit” Shawl

I Just Want to Knit Shawl on C

Something Special Wrap (knit)


Cozy Mohair Wrap (crochet)

Cozy Mohair wrap smiling sideways


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Income tax deadline day is looming, but this story is about knit looming.

It begins (and ends) with a scarf and some hats …

scarf done 3hat 2 1bulky loom hatburgundy loom hat 2blue loom hat 1

Earlier this week I posted on the Designs by KN Facebook page: As the saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” … or a Lemon-Twist Cowl.

Lemon-Twist Cowl 1 fix

Life gave me a real lemon this week. Due to a combination of too much crafting and yard work in a short amount of time, symptoms of repetitive stress cropped up. It seemed to worsen shortly after 14 new knit/crochet design submissions had been completed. After resting hands and arms for several days, I began to worry that if any submissions were chosen, I wouldn’t be able to follow through. Since the discomfort continued, I made the difficult decision to withdraw all submissions (despite having so many good ideas this time around!) Not wanting to commit to projects that might not be completed before deadlines, the hard choice to lay off for awhile was made.

Now, for someone who loves designing for publication, this was quite a shock. When all you want to do is knit, crochet and design, it’s a grievous thing to be faced with the reality that you may not be able to. On a very sad day midweek, the first thing I did was meet DD for lunch to drown my sorrows in a plate of Mexican food.

The second thing I did was head to the local Michaels store in search of something to fill the void. Being the sort of person who, since college years, has never let a day pass without crafting (knitting, crocheting, sewing, cross-stitch, needlepoint, drawing, painting), I knew I had to find another activity while letting the complaining body parts rest and recover. Since the discomfort was focused in my left thumb/elbow/upper arm, I hoped to find something to do with my right hand that wouldn’t involve much impact on the left side.

Visions of a former coworker’s contributions of loom-knit hats as part of our annual donation to the Snug Hugs for Kids clothing drive came to mind. While packing up donations for shipment, I noticed that her hats looked cozy, warm, and totally wearable:

loom knit hats

At a crafty get-together I had seen her working with a loom so was familiar with the basic concept. While at Michaels I ended up purchasing a Loops & Threads Knit Quick loom set and an instruction book. It seemed a good solution to try for not only keeping myself occupied but also to continue making a dent in a many-years-accumulated yarn stash:

loom set 1 loom set 2

The set alone was enough to cheer me up — such bright, happy colors. Playing with it was almost like being a kid again with a new toy. While I don’t think looming will ever replace my love of designing, crocheting and knitting on regular needles, it’s been enjoyable to experiment. Plans are to make several hats and scarves to donate to a charitable cause:

hat 2 3

scarf done 2scarf done 1

burgundy loom hat 1bulky loom hat 3blue loom hat 2

Time will tell if future projects with the byline “Designed by Kathy North” (see Ravelry designer page) will diminish or not if in fact I do need to stop knitting/crocheting/designing for publication (sniff sniff) but I’m staying positive that DBKN will continue. It’s become a family joke that whenever we meet someone new on the phone or in person, there is often confusion with the name “North” — many people hear it as “Norris.”  That’s why I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what was on the cover of the loom-knitting instruction book:

IMG_6355  IMG_6356

DD and I agree: it’s a sign.

So, if life gives you lemons, perhaps you’ll want to try looming!

scarf on loom  scarf on loom 2

P.S. It was also a surprise to discover that not only is there a Martha Stewart Crafts™ Knit & Weave Loom Kit available (who knew?) but also a number of Ravelry groups devoted to loom-knitting. There’s a whole new world of crafting to explore out there!


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Old bags

It’s FO Friday again but the only thing I have to report for finished projects this week is a substantial quantity of submissions (fourteen!) sent “out there” in response to several calls for new designs. I won’t know if any of them are “in the bag” for awhile so at the moment am betwixt and between projects. One project category did come to mind, though: bags. In the past few weeks, the topic of bags has come up several times. DM showed me her new travel bag acquired in anticipation of a trip in June, and she gave me a plum-colored Rachael Ray insulated lunch tote. On our recent trip to Walt Disney World my favorite crocheted shoulder bag (not handmade, but given to me as a gift long ago) was on my person for most of the trip, except for days spent at Epcot, Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios when I switched to a more convenient fanny-pack type of bag. Also, my latest bag design, Cerro Tote, was released in the Classic Elite Yarns Web-letter, Issue 333:

cerro tote 2

Photos © Classic Elite Yarns

While tidying up a corner of my knitting/craft room, I discovered odds and ends of yarn leftovers stuffed into various tote bags, so I pulled them out from hiding. It was fun rediscovering “old friends” of scrap yarn from previous projects. Some of them might find their way into new versions of “old bag” patterns from the Designs by KN collection, like these:

Stash Bustin’ Tote

Stash Bustin' Tote 1 brt

Gypsy Bag

Gypsy bag resized

Yarn Bowl Bag

Yarn Bowl bag closed 1 Yarn Bowl bag open

Chenille Carpetbag

Chenille Carpetbag

Jumbo Felted Tote

Jumbo felted tote new photo

Bucket Bag

Bucket Bag

Checker-Felt Bags

Checkerfelt new outside

Quantities of thread and thin cotton yarns acquired over many, many years …

crochet cottons organized

may become new string market bags or small treasure bags:

“Go Green” Lacy Shells Bag

Go Green Lacy Shell Bag 1go green lacy shell bag pink varieg 1rayon of sunshine bag 7 fix better best

Little Crochet Bag

little crochet bag folded strap

Color-Bright Mini-Tote

Mini tote vertical res

Dazzling Waves Bag

Dazzling Waves bag 4 res

Kids’ Rainbow Treasure Bag

Kids Rainbow Treasure Bag A res

Cell Phone Bags

Cell phone bags outside smaller shot

Of course, the most “famous” bag I ever designed is the Provence Summer String Bag from CEY Web-letter, Issue 139:

CE Provence summer string bag CE Provence summer string bag detail 2

Photos © Classic Elite Yarns

Since it first became a hit (one of the top ten Web-letter faves of all time) I’ve made several other versions. One came in handy on a long road trip:

summer string bag olive cream crop yarnSummer string bag on the road 2Summer string bag on the road 3

summer string bag blue 2  summer string bag pink 6

Other bags designed for the CEY Web-letter are:

Fresh Air Bag (crochet)

freshair3_medium2fresh air bag 2

Photos © Classic Elite Yarns

Chesapeake Bottle Gift Bag (knit)

Chesapeake Bottle Gift Bag for CEY 1bottlebag2_medium2

Photo © Classic Elite Yarns

If you have a quantity of the once-popular eyelash fur yarns around, here are a couple more ideas from the past:

Stained Glass Felted Bag

Stained Glass Bag BEST

Cutie Pie Felted Bags

Cutie Pie bags new photo Cutie Pie bags all four of them

Hope you enjoyed revisiting some “old bags” and are inspired to create new ones!



Spring at last

The calendar says it’s the first day of spring. At long last, there’s baseball on TV, more sunshine outside and a glimmer of green buds on trees and plants in the garden. Another sign of spring is that new calls for knit/crochet design submissions are starting to appear, some for publications planned for spring … spring 2015 (yes, in the design/publishing business one has to think way, way ahead.) The change of seasons (as well as impending deadlines for submissions) sparked my creativity this week so I have been cranking out idea after idea. Time will tell if any of them come to fruition.

In the meantime, ideas that did come to fruition over the past year are starting to appear in print and online. The first of my new designs for 2014 were revealed in Classic Elite Yarns pattern booklets 1401 Oceanside and 1402 Sunny Day, as well as last week’s issue of the CEY Web-letter (Issue 333.)

This week two more of my designs appeared in a sneak peek look at the summer issue of Creative Knitting Magazine. The print edition will appear on newsstands on April 8, however the digital download version is already available for purchase. The CK Facebook page has been showing previews of this issue, and you can see all the projects listed on this page. My two projects for the Nautical Knits & Purls section of this issue were created as a matching set:

Little Sailor Girl and Little Sailor Boy

sailor dress

Sailor Boy

Photos © Annie’s

These garments, sized for little ones, are knit in Plymouth Cleo, a lightweight cotton yarn that turned out to be a perfect choice to match the idea I presented in my original design submission. I had so much fun seeing the idea come to life during the knitting, assembly and trimming of these nautical knits. My fave part was adding the duplicate-stitched sailboats!

I’m also looking forward to the release of four more patterns in another new publication due out in early May:

Craft It Now

51sE11dWQNL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ 51UuqoBR7ML

Photos © F+W Media

One of my designs can be seen on the back cover (second row, lower left.)

And in case you missed the Classic Elite Yarns designs already released, here they are again:

Ambu (in booklet 1401 Oceanside)


Abelona (in booklet 1402 Sunny Day)


Nahara (in booklet 1402 Sunny Day)


Cerro Tote (in CEY Web-letter, Issue 333)


Photos © Classic Elite Yarns

Happy knitting and crocheting. Happy Spring!




Just returned from a once-in-a-lifetime 40th-wedding-anniversary trip to Walt Disney World in Florida. We were immersed in Disney’s magic for five days — 5 days of enjoying the parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Downtown Disney), 5 days of eating on the deluxe dining plan, and 5 days of walking off the calories! We were given “Happy Anniversary” buttons to wear during our stay, and at every turn were greeted by Disney cast members wishing us “Happy Anniversary” over and over and over again. It was a magical, memorable trip but now that we’ve returned it’s a bit hard to readjust to non-Disney life.

Although it wasn’t Disney magic, another kind of magic was taking place behind-the-scenes while I was away. Classic Elite Yarns was putting together a new issue of their weekly Web-letter. It was a delightful surprise to see my design published today:

Cerro Tote

cerro tote 2

Photos copyright Classic Elite Yarns

I could have used this bag on my trip to WDW! It was great fun to design, and a pleasure to work with this beautiful shade of Cerro, an oh-so-soft blend of cotton and alpaca.

top down tote 1

It was also a privilege to use Cerro in one of my designs for the Sunny Day booklet:


CLASSEPATS1402.1402PDF.zoom.1 6570-SunnyDay_medium2

Photos copyright Classic Elite Yarns

We thought that Florida would be warm enough to wear lightweight tops like Abelona above, but not so on this trip. After two comfortable days, the weather took a turn for the worse with cold, wind and a monsoonal downpour one afternoon. I had to buy a hooded sweatshirt for extra warmth! It’s becoming a family joke that every time we vacation somewhere “warm” (e.g., spring training in Arizona last year in a hailstorm, WDW in Florida with cold wind and rain) we end up buying more sweatshirts.

In case you’ve never been to Walt Disney World, here’s an armchair tour of some of my fave images from the trip:


animal 9

hollywood 6


epcot flower 43

downtown 17

day 2 pm 2

epcot flower 8 epcot flower 7

day 2 pm 10

hollywood 19_edited-1

brown 8

animal 2

last day magic kingdom 22


hollywood  34

day 2 pm 9

epcot flower 34

day 2 pm 28

Even if you can’t make it to Walt Disney World, I hope you enjoy the magic of crocheting a new Cerro Tote!

9620_small2 333-home

Photos copyright Classic Elite Yarns


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Old ‘uns

This past week I discovered a number of old photo albums hidden away in boxes. DM recently became interested in organizing some scrapbooks for the kids and grandkids in our family, to remember the old times when they were young as well as a reminder of our family history. Our old ‘uns came from France on the paternal side and from Germany on the maternal side, so we were glad to rediscover photos of them. In sorting through the photos we’ve taken a walk down memory lane. I remember visits to my paternal grandmother in the early ’50s. Her home was full of thread crochet masterpieces she had made (tablecloths, doilies, pillow covers, etc.)  On the maternal side, my grandmother knit slippers for us when we were children (amazingly enough I found one photo of her actually knitting a slipper.)

Going through photos of the old ‘uns must have rekindled an interest in vintage needlework so I’ve spent a few evenings browsing through books in my personal library that feature thread crochet projects. One project from the book Better Homes & Gardens “White Crochet” appealed to me: ‘Bless This House’ Filet Crochet Sampler. Since there were balls of crochet cotton and a selection of steel crochet hooks (some passed down to me from my crocheting grandmother) available, I started stitching. It took just under a week to complete this project in size 10 bedspread-weight crochet cotton on a size 4 steel hook. It’s a project my grandmother might have stitched in her day too:

bless this house hanging

bless this house sampler 7

bless this house sampler 2  bless this house sampler 3  bless this house sampler 4

As for my knitting grandmother, she left a legacy of slippers which eventually led to the “My Grandmother’s Slippers” pattern. Even though I was sure this pattern was known to everyone since the beginning of time, I was asked on numerous occasions for written directions to make them so eventually decided to publish a version as I remember it from my grandmother. It is one of the all-time favorite patterns from 288 designs currently available in the DBKN line:

My Grandmother's Slippers untouched 2 bright res

Umpteen pairs of slippers like these have been produced since olden days. In recent years after posting my version of the pattern on Ravelry there have been 253 completed projects posted, attesting to the popularity of this vintage slipper design. Here are a few photos of other pairs I’ve knit:

slippers my grandmothers slippers 2 fix grandma slippers done 5

Another enjoyable experience from this week’s walk down memory lane are seeing old photos of DM and my aunts in smart-looking fashions of the ’40s and ’50s, when they wore dresses, suits, gloves, hats, heels and carried handbags to match. They were quite the fashionistas then! One of my uncles was a professional photographer so we are fortunate to have many images captured on film to document their time in history. Looking at those photos, I see much design inspiration for future projects from studying the outfits of the past. Thank you, dear old ‘uns, for your loving legacy in needlework and through the camera lens!

Granddaughter (me) & great-grandaughter (DD) wearing a thread crochet dress created by my paternal grandmother in 1950

crochet dress grandma h w K and C wearing

I am grateful for both grandmothers’ needlework heritage and have tried to carry it on through vintage-style projects like these (although they are much smaller and less complicated than the masterpieces of old.) If you’re a lover of vintage projects, you might enjoy some of these project ideas too!

Chain of Love Bookmark

Chain of Love Bookmark 1

Vintage Wheel Square

Vintage Wheel Square sage  vintage squares table scarf progress 2  vintage wheel square thread 1 crop fill

Renaissance Neck Jewelry

crocheted neck jewelry red 1

renaissance neck jewelry 2

Peachy-Keen Placemat

Peachy keen placemat kitchen   peachy keen placemat blue w cups fix

Flower Filet Pillow Cover

Flowered Filet Pillow Cover new

“Go Green” Lacy Shells Bag

Go Green Lacy Shell Bag 1  go green lacy shell bag pink varieg 1



A bunch of pink and red …

… no, not roses, but knit and crochet project ideas for Valentine’s Day. Hope you enjoy this photoblog of pink and red:

Ambu from Classic Elite Yarns “Oceanside


Photo copyright Classic Elite Yarns

Chrysalis Poncho


Photo copyright Willow Yarns

Provence Summer String Bag

CE Provence summer string bag

Photo copyright Classic Elite Yarns

Saltwater Taffy Hat in “Cozy Knits


Photo copyright Joe Hancock

Colorfully Comfy Leg Warmers in Creative Knitting Magazine, Autumn 2013

CKlegwarmers2175336479_18_Color005 (2) (427x640)-1

Photo copyright Annie’s

Pinky’s Wings Beanie

Pinky's Wings Beanie on C

Shell Point Cloth

Shell Point dishcloth red

#13 Tasseled Earflap Hat from Knit Simple, Fall 2007 (available as a free pattern download)

Tasseled earflap hat pink original 1

Ice Chip Mitts

ice chip mitts pink flowers

Cuddle Cable Baby Blanket

Cuddle Cable Blanket 11

Bunny-Ear Blankie

Bunny Ear blankie pink wool kitchen A

Chunky Honeycomb Hat

chunky honeycomb hat 1

Cozy Comfort Prayer Shawl

Cozy comfort prayer shawl soft rose 1

Bulky Ribs at Play Hat

ribs hat 1


C.O.O.S. pair

Ballet-Style Slippers

Ballet style slippers from top better crop res fix

Soft Seed Stitch Hat & Scarf Set

Beautiful Cec fill

Butterscotch Basket in red

Candy red butterscotch basket 3

Block-Stitch Baby Blanket

Block stitch blanket pink multi fix crop

My Fave Dishcloth

My Fave Dishcloth new red fix res

Diamond Mountain Hat

diamond mountain hat 5 (2)

Lacy Baby Hat and Scalloped Lace Baby Socks

Lacy Baby Hat with Scalloped Lace Baby Socks

Chesapeake Bottle Gift Bag

Chesapeake Bottle Gift Bag for CEY 1

Pink and red roses are nice but I’d rather have pink and red yarn any day!

Happy Valentine’s Day


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Today the sun is shining brightly so maybe it will be a first step toward getting out of the deep-freeze so many of us have been suffering through this winter.

In my little corner of the world, it’s a very sunny day. I was invited to write a guest blog post about my two newest designs for Classic Elite Yarns, so head on over to the CEY blog for a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Abelona and Nahara in the February pattern booklet “Sunny Day.”



Photos copyright Classic Elite Yarns

Thank you, Classic Elite — it’s great to see a Sunny Day!



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